Zagreb, Croatia

The Three Rockets

I recently visited Zagreb and simply put – it’s amazing.

The laid back people are friendly and always seem to have a smile on their faces.
There is a very big community spirit that shines through.

The apartments in the photo are called the Rockets and are a testimony to the architecture of days gone by.

Some people may look and say “That place doesn’t look nice/safe” but I can assure you that it was a lovely place.  Infact, whilst walking past the rockets, there was an old lady who stopped to ask us something.  I don’t know any Croatian so was unable to understand what she was asking.  She wasn’t a beggar or didn’t seem lost – would love to have know what she has wanted.  I explained that I was English and she smiled and walked on.

We passed these on the way to Lake Jarun but we ended up walking slightly out of the way and to be honest, completely the wrong direction hahaha.  We did manage to get there via Tram 17 and the lake was impressive.  I read that the university games where held there.  There are plenty of little coffee huts all around the lake as well as the various roller bladers, cyclists and dog walkers.

The city had some amazing sites which includes St Marks church.  It’s the one with the colourful roof! We did a bit of a walking tour so managed to take in most of the sights as well as some great viewpoints.


Visit Zagreb!  It’s awesome


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