Gdansk, Poland

Gdansk in the summer is amazing.

It really doesn’t feel like Poland.

One of the highlight was going to Hel… which is a spit (bit like the Curonian Spit) is a sand bar that comes off the mainland into the Baltic Sea. I believe it was where the first shots were fired during World War 2.  Hence there are plenty of gun emplacements and batteries that people can go and see.  The main feature is the fine white sands which makes it look like something from the Maldives.

The boat goes to Hel from Gdansk, which we took but got the boat back to Gyndia – a bit different.  The crossing was great, clam and was over in no time.

IMG_20150722_153445059_SmallWe found a great little place that did wine and coffee. The lady was great, she made us feel right at home.  I’m not sure of the name but this is the google maps link.

We visited this place several times as it was so good!







One of the must see sights in Gdansk has to be the Solidarity museum where the movement occurred in 1980.

Solidarity Museum

I only recommend places where I have been and this one blew me away.


Visitors get a little headset which you match up the numbers with the audio.  As you go around it tells you everything about the movement.  Near the end, you can write your name on a Red or White square piece of paper and hang it on the wall.

Such a great place, interesting and not once did my concentration fail.  If there is one “must do” thing – it is this.









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