Bratislava, Slovakia

Visiting Bratislava…

It has always been on my list of places to visit.  The old town has been kept amazing and it’s clean.  That is one thing that i noticed is the pride the locals have.  The streets are clean, gardens green and general neatness.  OK, there is graffiti but I like that.  The street art shows a lot about the country.

We spent a few days there and the weather was on our side.  It made sight seeing pleasurable.  The Austria Trend Hotel was in a perfect location at an affordable price too!

The highlight was the post socialist tour by Authentic Slovakia who were fantastic! We were taken around in a 1980’s Skoda.  It was superb and can see why they score so highly on TripAdvisor.  They even gave us some socialist coke-cola as well as taking us around the city.  They didn’t even mind that our trip had over run.  10/10 guys!  It is a must do.

Some top sights to see are:

  • Bratislava Castle
  • The old Town
  • St Michaels Gate
  • The UFO / Bridge

Like always, the list of places to see/experience is far too long and one day, we’ll be back.

I even made a photobook for the first time which can be found here.


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