Zakopane, Poland

Ski Jumping World Cup

This isn’t the first time i have been to Zakopane…it’ll be the third time.  It is such as great place that I enjoy. This time I managed to get a VIP ticket. It included free vodka, beer & food.  It was unlimited right up to 7pm….thankfully. You also get a decent seat too.

It was the best experience yet!!!! I managed to get close to Kamil Stoch, the Polish coach, the legend Adam Malysz and I think he president of Poland. Kamil handed out some autogrpahs too.  It was the best experience ever! I can really recommend the extra money to go into that area. (400zl)

Not only that but managed to see Peter Prevc doing the usual and leaving everyone standing!  What a guy, what a jump.

I’ve popped some pics below.

Getting on to the landing area post competition was great. When you look up that jump, I must admit, you need a HUGE pair!

The atmosphere was electric and as always the Polish are such a great bunch of people.

Put it on your to do list !


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