Hallstatt, Austria

Picturesque postcard village

I’m just back from an exciting time in Austria for the Formula 1 at the Red Bull ring (3rd July 2016).  Whilst over there, I had the chance to explore a little and headed to Hallstatt. After seeing the postcard village by the lake, I wanted to see what it was like for real.
Getting there was easy enough and also very lucky to get one of the last two parking spaces.  Yes, parking is incredibly scarce!  Nonetheless, we hit the jackpot and started wandering around this amazing place.

It is the perfect place for wandering around a warren of little interconnected streets.  Little shops, guesthouses and shops….complete with everyone vying for their picture from a selfie stick.  The lake is amazing and we hired an electric boat (€18 per hour) which chugged along at a fairly slow pace but allowed us to take in the glorious sites.

After that, we ventured up the funicular railway to get a Birdseye view of this amazing little piece of Austria. The views from the look out point are impressive and wasn’t over run with tourists thankfully.

I can see why people visit Hallstatt…It is genuinely an amazing place to visit.  The weather was perfect until we left…then hit a thunderstorm which gave the place another dynamic.

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