Formula 1, Spielberg, Austria

Red Bull Ring racing!

I’ve been lucky enough to visit Spa (Belgium) and Silverstone (Britain) to watching Formula 1.

In Spa, it was the old engines from 2011 which were loud and gave you the goosebumps.  Silverstone a couple of years later was dramatically different…I think a milk float made more noise.  So i was intrigued to hear what the cars sound like now…thankfully they have more noise to them but not the ear splitting whine they had in years gone by.

Our tickets were €275 (From to sit in the Red Bull grandstand which was after the first corner. We were in upper sector E which gave us a view of around 80-90% of the track.  To be honest, the ticket price was worth it.  We had TV screens nearby, food & drink stalls and fantastic views.  Getting to the circuit was a breeze and I’d read up on another site about the Austrian Grand Prix set up. had loads of useful information so we worth a peek.

Obviously Austria doesn’t have the mega million such as Abu Dhabi but it was excellent.  No queues like Silverstone to even get near the circuit…We were straight in, parked and close to the circuit. All the people were friendly and even the policing was spot on.  Plenty of stalls selling caps, t-shirts etc along with some great track side attractions.  We got to see some of the F1 cars, plus old BMW M1 legend cars were heroes of yesteryear were there.  Niki Lauda, Jos Verstappen and Gerhard Berger.

Seeing Niki, donned in his Parmalat race overalls and getting into a car still impresses me.  The 70yrs-something guy is a legend and can recommend his book “To hell and back”.  These guys back then were something else!

Back to the 21st century, the racing was great.  Vettel’s tyre going bang was like a bomb going off!  A safety car bunch the pack up again to give the latter half of the grand prix even more zing.  And then, that final lap….Lewis and Nico’s coming together. When we got on the track and down to the podium is was clear that Lewis was getting a fair few boo’s.  Apart from that the atmosphere was superb and if there is one grand prix that i’d recommend for your first – it is the Austrian.  No ball ache, queues etc – Simples.

And if you are near Spielberg, then pop along to Hallstatt whilst you are there.  Amazing!



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