Cesky Krumlov, Czech Republic

July saw another trip and this time it was to the Czech Republic.  The destination, Cesky Krumlov in the south west, quite near to the border with Austria.  I’d heard about Cesky Krumlov a while back and found out it was a beautiful gem which had been described as a “little Prague but better”.  The truth is i’d noticed it in the Guinness advert and liked the look of it!

My girlfriend and I flew into Prague for the night and picked up the hire car.  We set off in the morning and headed for our destination.  It is around 2.5hrs by car but took us 3+hrs due to roadworks.

The little town is amazing and with it being an UNESCO world heritage site, anyone can see why.  It is picturesque with small cobbled streets and lovely buildings. There’s a tiny little square like the majority of European towns/cities but what sets this place apart are the streets that circulate the land (almost an island cut by the river).  In essence you can’t get lost – which is a good thing for us!

The hotel was 10/10 and the view from the balcony was awesome with the river flowing through Cesky Krumlov. Due to a lengthy stay we were given gold passes to visit 5 top sights in the town – it was worth it! We stopped at Hotel Garni Myší Díra and recommend room 42.  The famous river boating is a must and we took the small 1hr trip due to time constraints.  If we had more time then we’d have done the day version as it was fantastic. Staying at the Hotel gets you 25% off which every little helps.

We also took the opportunity to head to Stezka Korunami Stromu, Linpo which is a tree top walk and leads up to a octagonal observation platform.  WOW! it is a must do and was great to see young, old and even user of wheelchairs being able to do it. We took the ski chair lift up to the forest floor and then set off on a 675+metre walk.  The views are incredible and if you’re prepared to queue you can slide down the toboggan run (tube running down the centre) rather than walking back down.

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