La Latina, Madrid

Hola España


I’ve always wanted to visit Madrid and I’ve finally managed to tick it off my list.  Landing in 38c was an eye opener but more comfortable than I thought it would be.

One of the main reasons I’ve wanted to visit is to pop along to the El Rastro Sunday market.  After reading so much about it, it was brilliant to see it in real life.  The amount of items for sale is incredible.  You name, its there!  First up, a 1950’s briefcase with instructions on how to insert a diaphragm.   After that there were postcard, signs, clothes, electronic equipment and cameras….loads of old cameras.   They ranged from little stalls to an old lady with a pasting table.

After meandering around the streets and let me tell you there are A LOT of streets with sellers we came across a small doorway.  I could hear laughter and sensed it must be a good place…so we popped our heads in.  It looked like an old pharmacy but they sold toasties.  Just what was needed to fill the belly.  A few slices Iberian ham and olive oil sandwiched into a large toasted ciabatta.  The best bit was no one spoke English which is what gives me the thrill when visiting countries.  I want to get by trying to communicate without the reliance on the English language.  My old rusty Spanish seemed to work and guy who served us was such a great character.

Another great place to visit The Temple of Debod (Spanish: Templo de Debod) which is an ancient Egyptian temple, smack bang in Madrid.  I heard the sunsets are amazing so we ventured there to see what the place was like.  Trust me when i say its like an oasis….Tree’s, shrubs, flowers, grass and three monolithic type structure surrounded by water.  It was awes inspiring and can only imagine what Egypt must be like.

The final recommendation is a small permanent market called El Mercado de San Miguel, which is situated near Calle Mayor and has  a bout 30 little stalls selling all sorts of foods and drinks.  It is awesome!  The hustle and bustle is great and the foods cater for everyone’s palette.

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