Colorado Day 3 – Struck gold!!!

We started out the day early as there were a couple places we wanted to see before a bit of a drive to our next stop.

First stop, Garden of the Gods. A natural wonder and free entry to this pretty awesome park. The rocks are red/orange and tower over anything. We really are insignificant compared to these bad boys.
Round the first corner I come across the best sign post I’ve seen to date in America….. RATTLESNAKE ALERT!

Absolutely brilliant. That already makes me on the look out for them. Unfortunately though, I didn’t see any snakes. After about an hour walking around we climbed aboard Rogue One & headed on to the next stop.

We rocked up at Ghost Town in Colorado Springs. They’ve made a museum of old America from back in the day. It was ace, you could smell the old wood etc. I even caught Daws checking out an 1878 porno!

Out the back of the museum, visitors can pan for gold. Sold! I had wanted to do this in California several years back but didn’t get chance.
After a few moments, I’d struck gold. It was only a tiny nugget but I had done it. Another 10mins later, I had another couple of pieces. Something tells me I can’t give up work just yet, so maybe I will come back & strike it rich.
The owner said we could go out the back and see some wild Deer. I thought she was just being polite in making conversation….I was wrong. Sure enough, she opened the fire escape and there were a handful of deer just looking up at me as if to say “bugger off mate, we’re having dinner!” It was something a bit different so that was great.

Our next stage was the long drive to Alamosa near the Colorado/New Mexico border. We split it up to into couple of legs.
First we headed for Salida which was a sleepy little town. We stopped at a lake to stretch the legs. We also grabbed some dinner at a pizza place. They messed up our order so gave us free refills and another pizza. We had far too much pizza.
It was at this point I was thinking, “today’s going well, no mess ups”…. Spoke to soon.
I had turned left at a main intersection only to be driving on the LEFT! Luckily I missed the traffic but one guy in a pick up certainly made it clear he wasn’t happy with my driving.
Nothing I could do, but drive across 4lanes to the other side – right side hahaha. Oops 🙂

After Salida, we set sail for Almaosa along a straight road. Now when I straight, I mean the Romans would have had orgies over this one. It went on, and on, and Ariston! Jeez, after 17 miles I thought how far can this go on. In fact, it was around 50 miles! It was sensory deprivation…I mean I want to turn a corner, or brake, or even accelerate.

Typically, it was at this point I needed a wee. You can’t just pull over as the side of the road is sandy. I wasn’t sure if we get Rogue One out so decided to wait until a turning. I found one which led to a farm in the distance. I pulled over to hop out and go pee, but noticed a sign…. “We don’t call 9-1-1” and picture of a gun. Oh man, I was bursting…but they was no way I’m taking a bullet. So again, another upteen miles of straight road before we hit Mosca gas station…. Relief!

We arrived in Alamosa around tea time and checked into another hotel like last night – one that is only two stories and you can park up outside your own front window.

P.s. we found some amazing wigwams on the way.

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