New Mexico Day 4 – New day, New county!

We set off after our breakfast along more straight roads. It wasn’t long before we’d reached the county border and passed into New Mexico. The lands stretched as far as the eye could see. We passed dotted towns and choose to stop for a couple photos in Antonio. Such a great place, named after me!

You could tell there was a major Mexican influence here. The colours, sights and smells of cooking.
Whilst there a big rig drove by…we’ve seen loads but actually seeing this thing thunder on by was crazy! Some of these trucks must have loads of miles on them.

We set off again along the straight roads and finally stopped for a quick rest at Ojo Calinete. It was a spa retreat place but was absolutely rammed with people. It’s mothers day here in America so hence why it was heaving. I wanted to have a dip in a spring pool, seemingly used loads by Native Americans back in the day. After some thought, we skipped that idea. A bonus though was seeing an old Ford pick up truck. It was awesome.

That’s one thing over here, there’s plenty of old cars just sitting on people’s farms. 60’s-90’s cars dotted around. They all need rescuing!

Another stint of driving and a couple hours later we reached Santa Fe. Wow, what a cool place. We had a late lunch in a cafe called Palacio, which was a tiny little Mexican. I had mushroom soup with their pannini for dipping. Amazing!!!
We then took a wander the main square. There was a gathering of cars which drove by including a low rider with the reg “LOCO 66” it looked ace. Also an elderly couple were driving their old pick up too. Around the edge of the main plaza there were many native Americans selling silver and bespoke jewellery. They all had official tickets which showed that any contributions would help towards their reservations where they lived.

Whilst in Santa Fe we also popped into the Museum of Contemporary Native Arts. Although I wasn’t too keen on some of the abstract arts, there were some brilliant photos of old native Americans from way back.

Next, Last Vegas! That’s the little town in New Mexico, not the big crazy place with flashy lights in Nevada.

Just like the other places we’ve visited there seems many places that look abandoned. These once loved places that are no more. It makes you wonder what stories they could tell if brought back to life.

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  1. A A A says:

    you still alive? thought you’d bee hanging from a bridge by now…..


    1. Ant says:

      Hiccups got in the way 😉


  2. Rae says:

    Loving the blog!!


    1. Ant says:

      Thanks 😀


    2. A A A says:



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