Colorado Day 5 – Deer, Dairy Queen & Drunks

After a cracking sleep & breakfast, we jumped into Rogue One, left Vegas & headed north for a town called Springer. Purely chosen on the basis it reminded me of the Jerry Springer show back in the day. The goal has been to see real America with my own eyes and not the stuff we all see on TV e.g. New York’s, Florida’s etc so to see these normal Colorado towns are just right up my street.

Springer is a small town, with not a lot going on. The lady in the post office was super helpful though in telling us where to head to….after confusing her with my postcards. Seemingly, they needed to be measured after being asked if they were standard regulation size. I said they were having no clue, but nope, out came the tape measure! I kid you not, they were measured to the millimetre. Anyway, moving on we headed for a small detour to Cimarron.

It’s at this point, whilst driving along the road, there’s some wildlife. There’s these Deer like things, with small antlers and about 3-4ft tall. They do that unnerving stance by the side of the road as if to say “am I going to jump on front of you and watch the sheer terror appear in your eyes?” Two of them tried a suicide run but were lucky to make it across in front of us.

Next: Cimarron, another real American town. There was a Burrito caravan that looked immense. It was closed so we couldn’t try any unfortunately.

We rejoined Highway 25 for a bit more and eventually needed a pitstop (code for a wee). We saw a Dairy Queen which Daws has been dying for one. It was ace, I had a SMALL Oreo blizzard which the size of a huge Costa cup. I managed half of it, sitting on the kerb in the sunshine.

I nearly forgot, we had a State Trooper whizz buy us on the highway. I have never wanted to be stopped so badly to watch Daws having to deal with an American Cop. I swear to you I would have recorded to whole thing just to watch it hit a million hits on YouTube. Unfortunately, Mr Trooper didn’t see any reason to pull us over 😦

It wasn’t long before we set off again bit this time we were looking for lunch and a wander to keep those steps up.

Trinidad! That’s right, although no nice beaches. We parked up and headed to a place called …… The cafe. Yep, original but the food was great. After that we wandered around a few blocks. The signage and building were really neat. Old signs, wall murals were just a few of the highlights. It looks like Trinidad had connections with mining years back as a memorial is on the Main Street.

After a while we set off for our final destination for the day. Daws picked it, Walsenburg. It’s along the Santa Fe trail so it looked great when we came into town. Really old school, lots of truckers passing through. We stopped off at our hotel for the evening to dump the bags and then went for a wander to the local 7/11. We got chatting to the cashier, a guy who loved 20miles out of town. He told us how the town was really suffering from recision and many people had turned to drugs. It was sad to hear of a town, which not too long ago was ok and now had dwindled. He couldn’t quite believe us why we’d visited. He was asking if we knew anyone or had connections in town but we said nah, we just stopped on the way through. I think the guy was dumbstruck!
Whilst walking back to hotel I knew by the look on the old guys face coming towards me, we were going to have some sort of conversation.

Eyes down, keep walking, eyes down, don’t look….la la la la
“Hey buddy…..what you got there?” He was pointing to my bottle of ice tea and clearly drunk.
I said it was tea and he chuckled saying “hmm, well that’s not wild turkey now”
I smiled back in a truely British way which was to say

a) thanks for not robbing me and

b) good luck in your quest to find more whisky good sir.

Then there was dinner…there weren’t too many options available or open but we succumbed to a fast food place. Whilst waiting for the meal to come to our table, we were blissful aware the server was standing behind us.

“Hi, no.91 here’s your order” she shouted. Daws must have leapt 3ft in the air and I jumped like I had just been in a Texas execution chamber. The laughs didn’t stop there…a few mins later we were in full belly laughs. The same cashier lady had just came out of the loo shouting about someone had left poo everywhere in the bathroom.

“My one and two year old make less of a mess when they go to the bathroom!!!” she shouted across the restaurant. She had her T-shirt up over her nose so it must have been horrific. I’m glad we’d been served before this incident.

Carl Jnr restaurant, Walsenburg,Co – we salute you.

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