Colorado Day 6 – Ding Ding Ding Ding

Before we get on about today’s adventures, let me give you a recap on last night sleep. Firstly, when I booked the hotel I don’t know there was a train track nearby. Second, neither did I know this track track was in operation.

Needless to say train horns are rediculously loud but at silly o’clock, that is amplified!

This was exactly how it was last night. That exact horn!

Anyway, we arrived in Pueblo this morning after a short drive from Walsenburg. Yes, short in British standards as well as America.

I wanted to see Lake Pueblo State Park which when we arrived we weren’t disappointed. I could imagine it would heaving if it was 4th July. The shoreline was great and spent a good while skimming stones. The water was pretty warm too. It was nice to sit and chill, soak up the sun. Highly recommend going to anyone who is in the area.

After washing dog poo from my shoe we headed to Pueblo Weisbrod Aircraft Museum which housed some epic planes. We were greeted by some veterans who told us all about the planes and their time during armed conflicts. One hanger focused on WW1 & WW2…which included a massive B-29 Bomber called Peachy. Still amazes me how this massive machines actually flew.

The second hanger housed Vietnam & Korean war planes. They even had a Bell Huey chopper…which I’ve always seen in the Vietnam films like Apocalypse Now & Platoon. When looking into it you saw the cramped space injured personnel would be crammed in. Mind you, it’s a small price to pay if your lying there injured.

And lastly outside they have an F-15 & F-16 being restored. It was great getting up close and walking around them. They’re to be part of an exhibition along with a Mig-23. The guys were working on them as they’ve a big unveiling in June.

By this time I was starting to cook under the Colorado sunshine so it was time to head back to the hotel.

Being in America, Daws suggested a trip to the cinema. Sounded good! We saw the new Avengers Infinity War film. The popcorn buckets were huge… literally like a Halfords bucket youd wash your car with.

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  1. A A A says:

    Y’allright Baaaaarb


    1. Ant says:

      Hahaha Baaaaaaarb, can I have a cuppa tea.


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