Colorado Day 7 – But wait, there’s more!

Scorchio day here in Pueblo and what better way to spend by walking along an urban 1mile water way. There were bronze style statues of animals dotted along the way. Also there was something amazing wall art highlighting depression which drew your attention at the end of the walk.

As it was getting hotter by the minute we headed to the Pueblo museum. It had some amazing artefacts such as a tipi, the USA flag with 38 stars when Colorado joined and the best bit, chance to dress up in cowboy boots! Yee haa!

There was also a cross section of an ancient tree that was slap bang in the middle of the main Street. They chopped it down as it grew in the middle of the road and part of it they’ve kept. We ended up later in a cafe near the spot where the tree would have been.

Whislt wandering around we also spotted some old cars. Two best ones were an old Ford and more closer to my VW passion, a splitty. They both looked awesome and would love to have shipped them back home.

As the temperature was climbing further we opted to hit a few out of town shopping centres. First up was a massive sport shop. It was ridiculously huge. They sold everything including GUNS! They ranged from $300-$1100+. Obviously to a Brit abroad, I’ve never even seen anything more than an air rifle. Seemed a bit strange to me, imagining a customer saying….

“Ah yes, a pair of Nike Air Max, a yoga mat and a rifle to go please.”

After the sports shop we headed to a music shop where they sold guitars, drums and keyboard. Daws was in his element. It was at this point I thought I could a little fun. I could feel daws itching to have a crack on the piano. Trust me, he’s pretty good to put it mildly and was hoping he’d rattle off something amazing. Anyway, he was dilly dallying too long so up steps ME. Now, I’m not going to lie, I don’t play the piano nor the guitar, in fact a G-string to me is girl pants and despite most people thinking I have “Musical Tourettes” but this was too good an opportunity to miss.

I chose a new Yamaha keyboard, composed myself and looked around to check if I had some form of an audience. There wasn’t really anybody about so I tapped the ivories to ensure there was sound.

That note sailed cross the airwaves and with ears like an owl, it was at this point Daws had clocked what I was doing. He knows my musical ability would put Elton John into uncontrollable laughter. Without a moment’s hesitation, the first black key I hit (yes, they probably have name but I don’t know) I could see Daws look at me in that “WHAT ARE YOU DOING!” look. Sure if enough, I graced the store with my very own rendition of Chariots of Fire using the black keys only. Daws was gone like Usain Bolt doing the 100 metres.

I thought I did well and we all have to start somewhere but I guess it like someone picking up a guitar and playing Stairway to heaven.

Anyway, after that moment of stardom we headed back to the hotel for a chill before dinner and a chance to think about what to do on our last full day tomorrow.

A quick trip to Walmart to get some supplies was in order and I kid you not, i saw these amazing sunglasses I’d seen on the teleshopping channel the night before. I had to restrain myself along with all the other inventions such as the LED lights you can stick in your wardrobe, or the wrench that unscrews any sheered off bolt head.

Dinner was at Golden Corral, which is a buffet style restaurant. It started well with the Welcome Girl having no idea what I was saying. I asked for a Vitamin water to which I received a silence and a pardon. We got there though and she explained how the restaurant worked. I have to admit the food was really good. For $13 you can eat yourself senseless and put yourself into a food coma.

Tomorrow’s the last full day, so we’ll be Denver bound.

8 Comments Add yours

  1. A A A says:

    sprintg board review in 15….


  2. D D D says:

    Where’s the punch line for the music escapade????
    Also, US 520 needs clarity as we can’t finish the testing. Greyed out or not greyed out???


    1. Ant says:

      There wasn’t one lol.
      520 needs “blank” validation from 627.


  3. Mike says:

    Hang on a minute there, what about the breaking bad tour? I’ve been eagerly anticipating it and now your going home? Wtf dude??!!!


    1. Ant says:

      Sorry Mike, we needed to change plans.


    2. A A A says:

      It wasn’t breaking bad it was brokeback mountain….


      1. Ant says:



  4. Mike says:

    Other than that really enjoyed it. Great photos


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