Colorado Day 8 – Planes, Space & crazy room neighbours.

Last full day in the USA, it’s gone quick! Being a bloke, retail therapy doesn’t really exist but a little trip to Castle Outlet near Denver was worth a punt. There were some good deals but can only imagine the exchange rate of years gone by would see people buy a full wardrobe.

After spending about hour Daws found a kids sweet shop. Oh man, they had everything including Japanese KitKats. Everywhere you looked there were sweets we all had as kids. I was close to buying the Millenium Falcon Pez set!
We made our way to our final attraction of the holiday, Wings over the Rockies air & space museam. They’ve got a B-52 bomber sitting out the front. Again, how on Earth these things get off the ground I don’t know. Inside we were greeted by a couple old veterans who gave us a few pointers on where to go.
We’d noticed the museum has a 3/4 scale X-Wing fighter on loan from LucasFilms. We soon spotted it. I said to Daws “shall we work our way around….”
Too late, I hadn’t got “shall we” out and Daws was scuttling off to it whilst shaking his head and shouting “NOPE!”

Sure enough we wandered over and it looked epic! R2-D2 in the back and the X-Wing sitting there in all it’s glory. It had even been signed my the cast. It was worth going just for this. Next to it, they had a mocked up Pod racer with a little Anakin next to it. 😀

Amongst the other cool planes there was a Phantom jet. Then there were two highlights.
An F-14 Tomcat which everyone will remember the plane from Top Gun. It looked even more impressive in the flesh. I can remember riding my BMX pretending I was on the “highway to the danger zone” with my little spindly legs going Mach 0.00000000006around the block. It even had them bloody metal pedals too so when you slipped off , it was spin around an crack you on the shins. I’m scarred to this day.

Anyway back to plane geek stuff. They also had a B1 Bomber. I couldn’t believe how close visitors could walk around it. It was massive and to think this thing pops along at Mach 2.0 is nuts!

After the planes, came the space section. The museum have a little piece of moon rock from Apollo 15. Along with that, a front page copy of a newspaper when Neil and Buzz set foot on the moon. Seeing this sort of stuff was well worth my $15.

We wanted to finish early on the last day so we checked into the Holiday Inn. The room was huge, clean and exactly what was needed for an early night before the long flight home.
After about 15mins we stated hearing shouting. Then doors banging. The room started to shake. Whatever was going on in the next room was starting to hack me off a bit. The final straw was a voice shouting ” I don’t give a f$@k N-word – it’s my crack pipe!” To be honest, I think anyone in a 2 mile radius would have heard it. Now this was 4:55pm….so im taking a guess that fast forward on a few hours, this was a disco party that I didn’t want to be a part off. I have to put up with Daws snoring so a room full of craziness next door isn’t what I want or need. Thankfully the manager switched our rooms to another floor and the other side of the building.
And that’s my followers rounds up the last full day in Colorado and in fact America. Tomorrow is flying home day. Hope you’ve all had a chuckle and liked the pictures etc.

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