Italy Day 1) Panda-monium

I’ve never been to Italy despite it being such a popular country. So when I heard the Ski Jumping was going to be there, it was definitely on the cards for sure.

The flight to Verona was straight forward. In a 2month old plane, it rocked up in 1hr 45mins & we were through passport control in jiffy.

Going well I hear you say…..

Hire car fiasco.

Issue 1) Queue ..what queue?

Being British, we queued like true British gentleman behind the queue at the desk. Sound ok?

It wasn’t a queue, just two Italians standing there at the desk like they were meaning to. Behind them, a couple who were also NOT queuing but in the fake queue.

Eventually, we formed our own queue and was sorted out fairly quickly. I’d booked and hoped for a Fiat 500 (or similar). Remember that word: SIMILAR

Issue 2) Fiat Panda (oh boy)

Getting the keys, we headed into the car park to collect the car. We’d been told it was a Panda which my heart sunk. We booked a cheap deal and boy were we about to find out what cheap means. After a marathon hunt we found the chariot. A white 4 door plastic box on wheels. The Panda!

There was no washer fluid, no Bluetooth, no air-conditioning and no snow chains. All of these things were supposed to be included. After trudging back to the desk, they said they had no other cars available.

So if you’re in Verona, give EcoVia a wide berth and pick another rental car company. There’s loads!

By this time, we’d spanked 1 hour up the wall. So they topped up the washers and we were on our way.

We headed north out of Verona and it wasn’t long before the engine was screaming at 110kph. Thankfully, getting a draft behind the odd lorry allowed overtakes. I apologise to all cars on the A22… The little plastic Panda box did its best.

We stopped off at a little service station just outside of Trento. A toastie and cappuccino later we were ready to do the last leg. The old boy who served us didn’t speak English, nor us Italian, but in true style – I gave the guy the thumbs up and say fantastic! He understood. Legend!

After getting in quite late to Cavalese, we literally checked in and headed straight to the ski jumping. We were lucky: not only did we park at the front door! We also saw the last session. The Stadio del Salto in Predazzo was really modern and they’d done a great refurbishment.

No big crowds so we could get a super uninterrupted view.

It has been long day, so a welcoming chill out for the rest of the evening is needed. Roll on tomorrow!

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