Italy Day 2) High 5’s for Ski Jumping….not quite.

In the morning, we went for a mooch around Cavalese. It’s a quiet little town with cobbled streets in the centre. After a while, 3 minutes of our very long walk we decided it time for a pitstop. From the windows, KiKi bakery looked spot on and boy it delivered!

The lady had worked and we believe, trained in London with regards to all things cakes.
Good old international sign language, very broken Italian ( I struggled with “Good morning” lol) we found ourselves woofing down some cracking cake. We explained we were here for the ski jumping and thankfully she understood.

I’ve also found out I’ve not quite being saying thank you in the correct way. I’ve been saying thank you to God/the man up there/or something to that effect.
So cheers Mr Schumacher & Mr Vettel listening to your “thanks” on the radio as you cross the winning line in an F1 race. I didn’t feel like a dingbat at all! Hahaha

Back to Cavalese, its proper sleepy and oldie worldie. Little cafés are dotted around the town.

We arrived early at the stadium and found ourselves a great spot. Right down the front so we could high five the jumpers as they walked back. I met Noriaki Kasai (Japan) who is a legend being in his 40’s and still jumping.

Peter Prevc did his best to ignore me again….I went for a high five only to be left hanging in the air hahahaha. Hope that moment isn’t on Eurosport!

Here’s the culprit!

Nope…he was having none of it!

The jumping was brilliant. I didn’t have high expectations being the first time since the jump was in competion since 2013. The Zakopane Crowd Supporter DJs were great at getting the crowd going. There was loads of places to stand around and some awesome views from any position.

The stadium had a VIP area which was really good. They put on food and drinks. Plus it was warm if you wanted to go and heat up a bit.

The results from Sunday 13th January

1st Dawid Kubacki

2nd Stefan Kraft

3rd Kamil Stoch

Lastly, how did the little Panda do today. It did ok…managed to park it in a little tiny space at the stadium. Nope…I am not starting to like it. I didn’t even notice until today it has rear tinted windows!!!!!! 😮 Surprised that wasn’t an optional extra!

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