Italy Day 4) Lake Garda and end of the road for the Panda

We left sleepy Cavalese in the morning and made good time in the Panda. There were some epic winding mountain passes that would have been fantastic in a decent car. The Panda made it to the bottom of the mountain.

As we were going past Lake Garda, it was only right to pop in and take in the views. Originally, the plan was to visit a big theme park but the gates were closed. Guess only Brits would expect a theme park to be open in mid-January.

We arrived at the southern area of Garda. It was a cracking sunny blue sky day. We dumped the Panda and headed for a mooch around.

It was such a great place and can see why people come here in their hundreds. We just did a little walk and then jumped in the car to head to another part.

There’s a big fortification and the walls are pretty rock solid. You can actually walk through little roads that pass right through it. Needless to say, there aren’t no canon balls going through that anytime soon.

We just didn’t have much time to the snapshot doesn’t do it justice at all. Definitely a place to visit again with more time.

We continued our journey back to towards Verona and en route we stopped off at a big shopping centre. It was worth a quick look before heading to fill up the Panda with a final drink. Yet again, whilst attempting to reverse out of the petrol station I couldn’t find the gears. Anyone who has the opportunity to have this specific hit car shouldn’t!

It was an utter pleasure to hand the keys back and walk away. I even gave it a blast at the car wash….it nearly took the paint off it.

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