Leake Street tunnel (Graffiti Street Art) Waterloo, London

It had been a little while since being in the big smoke so a visit was well overdue. However, I didn’t quite do my homework and managed to pick the same day as the Brexit people’s vote March. To say it was busy, was a massive understatement!

We managed to avoid the main marching route and set ourselves down in Waterloo.  We found it via Lower Marsh but like the South bank graffiti skate park, this place is in a tunnel!  There’s all sorts down here and they even spray the roof of the tunnel.  That’s right!  I have no idea how they get up there!

It’s believed Banksy has been here but his stuff is probably under thick layers of spray paint from yesteryear.  It was great watching the artists rolling a blank canvas and they setting off with cans of paint.  As we walked around, the artists were at different stages of the work.  Some had sketched out roughly what they were planning to paint whereas others were down to the finishing touches.

Highly recommend going and I will be back to spend more time there.


If you’d like to know more, head over to here >>> http://leakestreetarches.london/








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