USA Day 1) Hello New Orleans

Made it!

After a long flight, we came into land over swap land which looked like something out of the film, Southern Comfort.

Today’s been a chill day. To be honest, the long day yesterday has hit home but rather take it easy today and feel fresh tomorrow.

We did however go for a wander early. We saw one of those awesome flapping wavy things!

The buildings also amazing and most of the streets are tree lined. It’s easy to see how Katrina would have blitzed through New Orleans with devastating ease.

A coffee stop later we also grabbed some supplies. A few more blocks later we came across an old cool Alfa Romeo. Looks like someone needs to give it a new life.

Lets me honest, that Alfa would have been better than the Fiat Panda in Italy.

Now that brings me on to my next point; Tomorrow is car collection day. I beg the car God’s of US&A to please give us something better than the Panda.

Bring on tomorrow…..

Little Alfa

New Orleans sky line (Superdome on the left)

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