USA Day 2) A street car called ‘Hurry up!’

Today was our first proper day where I knew the time and day, and where on planet earth I was.

I’d seen fantastic old trams just like the film ‘A streetcar named desire’ and for breakfast commute we headed to the stop right outside the hotel front door.

We had our change ready and queued patiently like true Brits. Within a couple minutes, one pulled up and in true holiday fashion….it all started.

Daws boarded first and faffed about with the dollar bill, like trying to feed the Tesco self service machine he finally got there and the tram lady waved him past. He took a side step to the left leaving me space to hop on and attempt the same. You’d think feeding a payment machine would be easy…. My dollar bill went in pretty quick so I already felt smug. However, where the hell does the 25cent coin go? I looked around the machine to find two slots, the pre-pay card slot along with the change return slot. I know I’m not the sharpest tool on the box but I kid you not, I couldn’t see where coins go.

Now it’s at this time, I felt the seconds had turned into minutes and the tram driver with all 20 passengers are kind of eager to get going. They don’t need two pasty Brits holding up New Orleans rush hour traffic.

In a simultaneous act, she pointed her finger right on top of the machine in front of my face (I must be blind!) But she also had enough of waiting and set off with lurch forward. Thankfully, I had my balance….Daws though, did not! He shot backwards with arms flapping and somehow managed to grab the handles otherwise he’d been face first into the floor. Giggling like two school girls we got ourselves together only to find the stop we needed was next. So we had to go to the back of the tram to exit. We’ll give those a miss in the future hahaha.

After breakkie, it was car collection time so we headed to the rental place. The chariot was awaiting….. ‘please don’t be something crap like that Panda’ I was thinking.

Drum roll and in a Jim Bowen voice “it’s a Fordddddddd Escape”. I’m happy with that. It’s a small SUV that drinks petrol like an Aston Martin DBS, minus the looks, sound, leather interior, big alloys and everything else you get on an Aston. It had Bluetooth so DJ Daws got his tunes set up ready for our I-10 highway trip to Mobile, Alabama.

We left behind New Orleans and hit the open road eastbound. Just out of the city we spotted a huge section of a rocket. One of those Apollo jobbies! Bingo, we’d found the Stennis space centre just as we’d crossed into Mississippi. Standing next to one of those beasts was amazing. They said the noise is so bad, it’s a minimum 2mile radius WITH hearing protection. Also included was a 40min bus tour around the vast site where there are rocket test bed areas. They too are massive. On the way out we even past a real alligator!

After our couple hours at the Space centre we set off for Mobile again. The drive went well until we crossed over into Alabama. The rain came down hard but our trusty Escape made it through just fine and rolled into Mobile at tea time.

Rocket test bed platform – enough metal to build the Eiffal tower.

Ain’t rockets, brillllliant!

Now that would be a story if he got bitten!

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    You look like a wee ant , Ant.beside the rocket. Super blog. Love all the info.xx
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