USA Day 5) Little bit of paradise

We wanted to get some miles down and headed out on the road a earlier than usual. The roads are pretty straight and easy going. After a while we stopped off at Bishops coffee shop.

We popped are heads in the door and I wasn’t sure that it was open. There weren’t many tables but we were welcomed in…and I’m glad. The coffee was amazing and even better from a small independent amongst so many multinational chains. They roast their own beans and I went for a Medium Columbian. We sat outside the back on their little patio in sunny 26c.

After a few laughs, some great tips for Tallahassee, we waved goodbye and headed off. If you’re ever near these guys, it’s a must stop! Look out for Bishops coffee shop.

Travelling east we travelled parallel to the our white dunes. After a few miles more we managed to pull over to park up and explore. I’ve never seen white sands in real life except for in Poland but this sand was like flour!

As we started to cook despite factor 30, a hat and sunnies, we headed back to the car and made our way north. There’s an animal sanctuary we wanted to visit. They house all-sorts of animals, from goats, to cat, and horses. Even emu’s!!!!

They offered us a small guided walk through the sanctuary and it was great. The tour stopped off at all the animals. First were the pot bellied pigs and they were neat! Parrots next, and the guy was saying they live for 70years and do our live their owners hence why they were here. Aquala don’t put any animals down and nurse them all back to health despite massive vet costs. The horses were amazing and they said one couldn’t even walk as it was so neglected. But he was looking great now and almost ready to go into a field and socialize with the other horses. We headed to that field to see a beauty!

We thought we’d have a chill for the rest of the day and headed towards the beach. The hotel was great with a beach side view. Evening was rounded off with a wander along the beach, a pizza and a beer.

Have a nice evening readers


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