USA Day 6) Heading south through Appalachicola country

After a cracking nights kip and waking up to a fantastic sea view, it was time get cracking.

It wasn’t long before Daws pulled me up with my muscial tourettes… I mean come on!!!! Who can’t switch from The Bangles, to The Proclaimers and all in the space of three notes hahahhaa.

We set off south on Highway 98 and whilst on our journey we noticed a lot of rubble. A few miles more there was more damaged houses and piles of rubbish. Then we realised, we were travelling through the leftovers from hurricane Michael (Oct’18). Then we saw forests where all of the trees had been snapped like toothpicks. Even the airforce base succumbed to damage.

After a quick Google the figures were shocking. $25 billion in damage. Even after 6 months carnage is everywhere. It was a real wake up as we don’t have anything like this back home. However, after speaking to a few people, there is one thing that stood out clear – true American spirit. They work together to mend, fix and rebuild. Our hotel receptionist said “we just get on with it, that’s what you do. Pull together and work together”.

We reached Apalachicola in good time. What we didn’t realise, we’d travelled through time. GREAT SCOTT MARTY! Ok, ok ok it was just a time zone. We had just lost an hour.

We headed to The Station and had some cracking food. It wouldn’t be complete without tasting the famous Florida key lime pie. Was it good? Dam right!

We also wandered around the little town and sea front. There were some huge gulls and pelicans as well as the old jail. Daws tried to see if he could get a room for the night, but not even the country jail wanted him to stay. To be honest, we’d have been happy with a room here compared to the other nights crazy hole of a hotel.

Until tomorrow, say hello to my little friend……

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  1. Liz says:

    Love Daws bag on back at the jail, also you and your cute little friend. yes we cannot imagine the devastation of a hurricane. hope you enjoyed your Lime pie.


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