USA Day 7) Forgotten Ford’s and Wakulla Spring river cruise

Wow, what a day! So not too far away from Appalachicola there’s a place I read about where several old timer cars are out in the open rusting away. Being near, it was something I didn’t want to miss. We’d already seen some cool cars this morning.

The best part about these Ford’s are you almost miss them as they’re set back from the side of the road. If these cars could talk I bet they’d have loads of great stories. Now, they sit rusting away long gone from a golden era of old cars. I bet the gauge of metal was so thick back then, hence the reason they’re still around.

Crawfordville, FL 32327, USA

After checking out the cars we headed over to Wakulla Springs. I wanted to go on a boat through the swamps so this was a good substitute! We got the 2:30pm boat ride and at $8 each it was a brilliant hour on the water.

The water itself comes from underground and this is the start of the river. Some 6 billion gallons – Yes 6 billion!!!! Rise up at a constant 69f (that’s around 21c in our money) and flow through Florida’s waterways. The water was clear to about 60ft deep which isn’t too bad as lately it’s been nowhere near that. There’s a hole that drops off under water to around 160ft. Looking at the black hole gave me the wobbles.

The tour got underway and straight we saw fish, turtles, herons and alligators. The ecosystem of the spring teeters on such a delicate balance. The captain of the boat said more nitrates have entered the water system and this causing an influx of algae. Just shows how easy it is to knacker up a place of beauty.

They also filmed some blockbusters here such as Airplane 77, the Tarzan films and Creature from the black lagoon.

Almost forgot the link, head here for more information.

Another great day in Florida!

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