USA Day 8) Lunch on a train? Yes please!

Today we made our way just 50mins up the road to Tallahassee. We wanted to have a mooch around the big shopping mall called Grovesner.

As we pulled up there was the longest car I’d ever seen. This Buick looked the dogs danglies but how anyone could parallel park it, I don’t know.

The mall, like the Buick, was also pretty big and had plenty shops along with a massive food court. We probably spent a couple hours there and after buying a few bits we needed lunch.

But not before I spotted something cool. A massive fishtank where you can pay some dollars and you get to feed them…. brilliant!

Rather than hit one of the chains, we found a place nearby which scored amazing reviews.
What we didn’t realise is that it’s an old train wagon with a small bit built on the side. Probably seats 10 and the owner was awesome. It’s based in an art district near the university. It had a really cool vibe.

I had one of his signature hot dogs which was 10/10. We sat in there for a while chatting a out travelling as he’d done Europe in the later 90’s. Highly recommend heading here for some food, drink and great chats. Look out for the Crumbox.

To top off the day we grabbed a film at the local cinema – Captain Marvel. I wouldn’t rush out to watch it again.

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