USA FL Day 9) Hasslehoff’s Spring water dip.

Not going to lie, today’s post could be boring as it’s been a driving day however we did stop off at a cracking Ice cream place.

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We’d been driving a while and fancied a coffee stop. Daws found a place that made their own ice cream. What’s not to like about that! We pulled up outside the shop and already you could tell it meant business. Inside there was a window into the ice cream factory. We met the owner who was a great guy and the counter server said that all tips we’re being donated to replacing the trees that had been wiped out from the hurricane which seemed a great thing to do. I had key lime ice cream which was epic!!! Southern Craft Creamery is in Marianna, FL – so do pop in as I promise you’ll thank me!

A bit further on, Vortex Spring is not far from i-10 this awesome place was unbelievably quiet but imagine summer time it’ll be crazy busy. Entrance was $10 for the swimming. It wasn’t long before the two pasty Brits done their trunks and headed over to the sandy shoreline.

Cue Baywatch music….imagine a ripped 6 pack, flowing locks of hair – yep not me! Wading into the water was like tip toeing into the Antarctic waters. If I wasn’t quite awake before I certainly was now. After gingerly stepping further forward into the chilly spring water I finally went ‘all in’. After the shock to the system it was quite refreshing. The waters were crystal clear but had those plants that grabbed at your legs like a Jaws film.

After a wee paddle we got out and chilled in the sun to dry off. Anything like this back home would be trashed with graffiti saying ‘Dave 4 Louise 4 eva’ or something. And the bin would have been set on fire or a chav taking a dump on the BBQ.

I was thinking more about what a mate said to me about finding independent places, so we found a local place called ‘Ed’s Restaurant‘. It was authentic American alright. I asked for a Coke and received a bucket of Coca-Cola….I didn’t finish it, in fact it would last me about a month back home. The picture doesn’t do it justice.

The food was awesome though and much needed after coming to terms with hypothermia.

We’ve stopped for the day and tomorrow will need more miles under our belts

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