2020 Ski Jumping in Willingen Germany

Arrived in Dortmund, which only took one hour which was ace! I didn’t realise how close it was. So….the last time we had a car for ski jumping was the glorious Fiat Panda so this time there was no way we were going to have that kind of motor. We actually done pretty well, a Ford Kuga ST line AWD. WOW, this was something else. I had to behave as it had more buttons than Cadbury’s factory. 

The hotel was in the centre of Dortmund so off we pootled in the motor. Same as any city it wasn’t long before we had missed the turning for the hotel. After several u-turns and wrong streets we finally arrived. So as we’d hit gold with the motor, it meant the hotel wasn’t quite the pad i’d hoped for but it would do for the night. It says no smoking but i think we are the only people NOT to have smoked in this hotel. 
I’m just going to say it’s quirky 🙂 The little balcony was welcoming. I can’t imagine even washing at 30c that’s not going to bring any cushion back to life. The toilet flushy thing looked very much like a willy! Never fear, I had my travelling goodies with me. The staple of any traveller requires water and a 7Days croissant for emergency hunger.


Anyway, we didn’t hang about this morning so we were off by 9.12am. The Kuga carried us along the motorway which at a few points had no speed limits. I say that, but check in again in a couple weeks when I get a speeding ticket or something hahhaa. We stopped off at Neheim for a quick coffee and cake. There were some kids playground car on a spring, so I had a crack on one of those & got a few looks. Being true Brits we were the only muppets walking round without a coat. Of course we DO have coats but they were in the car. Everyone else was kitted out for Antarctica.
Before I froze my nuts off we were back in the motor and heading to Olsberg. It’s where we are staying which isn’t too far from the jumping. 

Willy flush

Due to the weather, the jumping has been moved to 10:15am Sunday morning. I hope it doesn’t get cancelled!
Oh one thing, the new hotel for tonight … The ‘twin’ room isn’t quite my definition of two single beds. Great! We’ll see if Daws wants to be big spoon or little spoon. Hahahaha.

Roll on tomorrow for the main event!

And congratulations to our buddy Stephen Leyhe! They’ve already set the church bells ringing in celebration.

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  1. efhogarth says:

    love the willy handle. You always come up with something funny. Well “Maybe tomorrow” you will get to watch ski jumping. Xxx

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