Change of plan! Bobsleigh time in Winterberg.

We’d arrived in Olsberg yesterday which is nice little place. We’d been keeping a close eye on the weather. So it wasn’t the best news when we received an email from Willingen Ski jump saying that due to weather the event would be unable to go ahead.

Nooooo this was not good. In true travelling spirit this just meant one thing. “We shall find something else!“. With a bit of googling we found the junior bobsleigh championship happening just down the road in Winterberg (24km). Now…would it be on with the weather? Only one way to find out, To the Kuga! Cue Batman music.

To our excitement the show was on! The Veltins Junior bobsleigh championship was available for the massive sum of €10 we were through the entry gate and that also included a €5 food voucher. We headed straight for the start line. Like ski jumping, I’ve seen bobsleigh on the telly and an event I’ve always wanted to see. Ok it’s not Ski jumping but I will take this. We got to the starting area and I couldn’t believe our luck as we were right next to the starting straight.

It wasn’t long before we heard the shouting and the sled team psyching themselves up. Sure enough they came thundering down the track and jumped into the sled. It looked pretty quick but obviously they’d just started. We watched a few starts and then slowly walked down the track. Sure enough by the time we’d move down a couple corners these sleds were flying!!! These lads were tucked in, heads down and you could hear it thundering along.

Italian 4-man Team

Moving further down the track it gave us chance to be so close to the action. You feel the wind rush by as the whizz past at 100kmh+

Blink and you’ll miss it!

It was the final run of the Russians and you could tell they meant business. All of the other teams were there and the Russian support team were making a noise to cheer on their fellow comrades. Sure enough, they didn’t win it on the final run clocking over 130kmh – WOW!

Final run for Team Russia.

The whole event was awesome. I’d highly recommend going to a round as you can get so close to the action. Not only that, it’s cheap too and has a great little atmosphere. If that’s not an advert, the Bratwurst and chips with mayo should be!

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