USA Day 5) Little bit of paradise

We wanted to get some miles down and headed out on the road a earlier than usual. The roads are pretty straight and easy going. After a while we stopped off at Bishops coffee shop.

USA Day 4) Wrong checkpoint and even wronger Hotel.

We set off from Foley and headed east to Pensacola, Florida. We’d been told there was a great Naval Air Force base to visit plus it was near our hotel we were going to be staying at [More on that later].

USA Day 2) A street car called ‘Hurry up!’

Today was our first proper day where I knew the time and day, and where on planet earth I was. I’d seen fantastic old trams just like the film ‘A streetcar named desire’ and for breakfast commute we headed to the stop right outside the hotel front door.

USA Day 1) Hello New Orleans

Made it! After a long flight, we came into land over swap land which looked like something out of the film, Southern Comfort.