2020 Ski Jumping in Willingen Germany

Arrived in Dortmund, which only took one hour which was ace! I didn’t realise how close it was. So….the last time we had a car for ski jumping was the glorious Fiat Panda so this time there was no way we were going to have that kind of motor. We actually done pretty well, a…

Italy Day 2) High 5’s for Ski Jumping….not quite.

In the morning, we went for a mooch around Cavalese. It’s a quiet little town with cobbled streets in the centre. After a while, 3 minutes of our very long walk we decided it time for a pitstop. From the windows, KiKi bakery looked spot on and boy it delivered!

Italy Day 1) Panda-monium

I’ve never been to Italy despite it being such a popular country. So when I heard the Ski Jumping was going to be there, it was definitely on the cards for sure. The flight to Verona was straight forward. In a 2month old plane, it rocked up in 1hr 45mins & we were through passport…

Zakopane, Poland

Ski Jumping World Cup This isn’t the first time i have been to Zakopane…it’ll be the third time.  It is such as great place that I enjoy. This time I managed to get a VIP ticket. It included free vodka, beer & food.